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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 10 & Recap

Our Day 10 route into Vermont, New Hampshire and finally into Maine was a great finish.  Very peaceful, the last 50 miles into Maine was awesome riding, aside from the Moose signs warning you of death.  I had no idea if they jump at you... stand in the road or what.

Day 10 PhotosThe scooter made it!  Like 2008 I was paranoid it would breakdown in the final stretch.  I arrived at the finish around 3:30pm, 3-4 riders were already there celebrating.  Took my official photo at the water front and joined the rest to welcome the other riders who trickled in one-by-one.  Several local scooterist came out - lots of random on lookers.  We took several group shots, camera crew did their "exit interviews" and road as a group to the hotel.

I had dinner with Matt, Geoff, Brian and Jim.  The four of us (less Matt) "started" this together in Seattle and so it was really nice to end it that way.

I finished 5th place, blah.  The 3 days of mechanical issues and having to nurse the bike along until parts arrived really stunk up my score.  I was 11 minutes behind 4th place.

Day 10 PhotosJim's bike finally gave out on the last leg of day 9.  Mike Smith's Helix also ran into mechanical problems that day and left him stranded in Ottawa - I was really bummed out not to see him at the finish but really glad I got to know him this year - he gets the 2010 "Rob Taylor Award".  Bad year for the Honda riders.  Cynthia (bodacious) finally killed her bike - no one really ever washes a rental car.  Pete only ended up riding 3 days - I hope his Scoot! magazine coverage of 2010 is better than 2008 - I threw that copy away.

Mark Anderson (2008 vet) took 1st.  Like last time, he road a fast, solid 10 days with no screw ups.  I was glad to see him win and the 'brand' win.  2nd place was Dewey, 77 years old, awesome rider, 61 years of riding experience gets you on the proverbial podium.

With Jim's bike no longer running he and Geoff would continue to DC to catch the auto-train to Florida by way of U-Haul.  I packed up and hit the road early Sunday morning, 430 miles later I was home in time for lunch!

I can only come to the same conclusion as last time.  Scooters are not meant to go across the country - not like this.  This year was more of a rider endurance challenge than last time but I am looking forward to doing it again - hopefully next time the weather is warmer and I can convenience a few other friends to come along.

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