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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 4 - Goodbye Montana

I was really glad to be out of Montana. That state was rough.

I am so tired right now I am falling asleep typing. Today was another challenging day. We had a total of 3 off road sections. I started the day behind, repaired my exhaust first thing. Then I road with Murry, Simon, Brian and Geoff most of the time. The first 30 miles was a lot of rock/dirt. Not bad but the damn cattle kept wanting to charge at us. I got some good video of this with the flip cam.

Continued on through some flat lands to the next off road section - another 30 miles of gravel+dirt+washboards. This section beat up Murry's exhaust pretty good, we stopped and did some repairs and he is running again.

Long 80+ mile stretch out of Montana. North Dakota is... repaving the highway, but at the moment, they've just tore it up and left it dirt. WTF. Normal highway... ohh, sorry travelers, 15 miles of dirt.

Got to the hotel, my exhaust was very loud. Took it apart again - the down pipe from the head has a "doughnut" on the end to seal it off. That was completely tore apart. Maroy suggested we JB Weld it and give it a try tomorrow. Murry happened to be walking by and informed me he had the parts I needed in the truck. Bought them off him for $100 + 69 he owed me for the GPS. Installed, running very quite. Hopefully tomorrow is a MUCH better day in terms of maintenance.

Ordered a cheese burger with blucheese and bacon... got cheese burger with blucheese salad dressing and bacon bits. Oh well.

Tomorrow will be a big wrenching day at the hotel. I have air filter, tires, oil, belts to do. About 3-4 hours of work at a careful pace. I am leaving around 6AM to get there early. The scooter is in the room tonight again, easier to pack up.

Hotel has internet but only if you plug in... dumb iPad.

Day 4 - Harlowton to Bowman, ND Photos

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