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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 8 - Wet Ride to North Bay

Hello from North Bay, Ontario... where the internet is wireless and the room is clean, finally.

Today's ride was wet and cold. It was a steady down pour the entire way here. To my surprise my rain gear did a nice job (frogg toggs) - only slowly damp around the shirt collar. I felt like I was soaked and was freezing cold. The Garmin XM/Weather showed North Bay reporting winds out of the north-ish, 17 MPH gusting to 35 at arrival. It just cuts through the riding gear and makes sitting there miserable.

Slowly other riders are pulling in. The usual guys on the 250s + Matt/4n6iscool are here. Maroy road a great ride today. Hoping he and the scooter hold out to take the win in Portland. Go Piaggio (Vespa)!!!

We've managed to settle into odd travel routines (as a group) at this point. I've been eating with the "east coast" team + mike smith, each night. Evenings usually include some sorta excursion into town for a random item/part. Parking lot maintenance, drinking, turning in your score card, etc. Everyone is used to the film crew guys being flys on the wall and randomly jamming a camera in your face at this point. I can see how those reality shows worked (before they became mass production things and scripted). Those guys work all hours. I have no idea what the hell they will get out of this to assemble into a documentary. Tom has done a great job in his role as organizer.

Hopefully all the riders make it in safely. Maybe we can find some trouble in town tonight - we haven't all gone out as a group and partied since Harlowton.

Day 8 - Sault Ste. Marie to North Bay, ON Photos

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