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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 7 - Hello Canada (again)

I screwed up the post yesterday. Day 6 photos should now be with day 6.

Day 7 was through the upper peninsula of Michigan. The checkpoints were interesting, 1st was a curvy road sign, 13.8 miles down a tiny forest road. Second was a particular Beef-A-Roo fast food joint in Marquette, 3rd a hiking trail that intersected shoreline road, finally the boarder crossing.

3 guys went down on the back road trail, including Geoff. His bike is banged up some and a few tears on his jacket but other than that he is OK. He wore a hole in his tire, nice! There was a good 100 miles yesterday of... at any moment a deer is going to jump out and I will die. Only had 2 deer jump, still alive.

I got pulled over by the po-lease into the 3rd leg. Reports of "scooters" aggressively passing and one gray scooter in particular flashing his lights at motorist to make them pull off the road. That would be me - but I have a headlight modulator, which is legal. He also clocked me doing 72.1 in a 55, oops. Got a verbal warning. =)

Shortly after my scooter started studdering and cutting out. Great. Before we entered the 60 mile no mans land I pulled into a service station (just in case I need to bum a tool) - cleaned my clutch bell + pads, and replaced the spark plug. Plug was pretty cooked, all black. Ran smooth the rest of the day. Still no resolution on the engine light.

Ride into the hotel was boring, no issues at the border crossing. The hotel is a complete dump. If we didn't have nice hotels the next 3 nights I would have, but, its leaf peeper season here and everything is expensive, whatever. Check out the photos towards the end of today.

Had dinner with the usual crew at an italian place, food was actually very good!

It is raining today (day 8), we have 270 miles into North Bay. Its in the 40s and just a down pour right now. Going to be miserable. The end is near, 2 more days after this, 1.5 days home.

Day 7 - Ironton to Sault Ste. Marie, ON Photos

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