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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seattle Staging Day

picking up scooter at forward air SeattleGeoff, Jim, Brian & I caught the hotel shuttle to ForwardAir to get the scooters yesterday. All four shipping containers were there, short wait, no mishaps during shipping. Took about an hour or so to get them unloaded, reassembled and ready to make the 1 mile ride to the hotel.

We road to lunch at a near by outdoor mall (promenade shop place) and had some Chipolte Mexican Grill food. Brian had to mail stuff home at nearby post office, etc. Killing time.

Trailer full of scootersDid some light maintenance on the scooters. Hotel (residence inn of sorts) has a free dinner + beer + wine thing at night. I had something that was similar to Chilli mac and boozed up on the cheap wine, whatever, free makes it taste better. The hotel is in an industrial area, no much near by.

I am not at all adjusted to this damn timezone change. Waking up at 3AM local and killing time until breakfast at 6.

Team Northeast guys made it to the hotel last night. 4 guys, Simon, Murry, UK Dave, 4n6iscool (which learned is "forensics is cool") drove the truck and scooters from Maine, they left Saturday afternoon. They recounted some some good bits from the road.

Today the 8 of us are riding up to Vancouver to meet with the rest of the riders. About 3 hour ride, hopefully no issues.

Team Northeast + Space Coast

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