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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting to the Vancouver

arriving in vancouverVancouver is one weird place. All the windows are sea-blue and look the same, tons of pan handlers... and lots of Asians, millions of them, which makes driving in a new place really nerve racking (sorry).

Ride up from Seattle started out wet in the rain and cleared up into a very nice day 100 miles into the ride. No issues at all.

No issues at the border crossing, asked a lot of random questions, ever been finger printed, guns, ammo, asked about other riders I was with, etc.

we made it to Canada!

The riders meeting and 'registration' was from 4 to 5 and them a send off dinner/party of sorts at a local place. Nice to see old riders and meet new ones.

Today the official event starts, we end tonight in Grand Forks, BC. Been up since 3am local, timezone still no better. I think today is 360 or so miles.

Getting to Vancouver Photos

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Anonymous said...

Yeehaw!!!!! Advance East!!!!