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Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 2... Still Roll'n

Today started off nice.  I will miss the Canadian highways, good roads, curves were just right.  I made good time on the first leg, pushed the scooter fairly hard.  The second leg was a planned sacrificial leg - USA border crossing, had to also call in part order to Scooters West for my exhaust issue.  Met up with Jim and Geoff, left with them.  

The Yaak River Forest Road was next major stretch.  Lots of curves, switch backs, tons of deer, logging trucks, very beat up.  I was riding with Jim, backed off as road conditions got worst - later to crest a hill and see his scooter laying in ditch, immediately think the worst.  We drag his scoot out and get him running, we road together for the last 150 miles to hotel.  We got in around 6pm, long day.  I am beat.

My parts don't arrive until Monday which seems close but that's three full days of riding, hopefully can nurse the exhaust till then.

Tomorrow will be our hardest day I think.  Glacier National park going to the sun road, dirt section through Lewis Clark national forest, long miles into Harlowton. Freezing temperatures in the morning.

Hotel here stinks.  No wifi. My verizon MiFi card is kinda working. 2 outlets, they also lost my package I sent myself, the lady was rude about it.  Ready to get out of West Glacier.  Going to try get on the road early tomorrow and stop often to inspect the exhaust.

Bill Luinetti's F350 support truck was stolen from the hotel last night. His son was following him in it. They are both in Grand Forks indefiniately working to recover it and get home. Best of luck to them. I am bummed out to see them drop from the race, he was a nice guy. The adventure either way is about getting home, I am sure they have one ahead of them.

Good night.
Day 2 - Grand Forks to West Glacier, MT Photos

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