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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 1 - Vancouver to Grand Forks, BC

60 is the new 40. (km joke, get it.)

Sorry for spelling errors, using iPad tonight and no blutooth keyboard.

I am alive. This will be short. The riding today was great, in and out of rain, light traffic, nice mountains. That would all normally fill an entire update...

During the ride the clicking sound I've been hearing got louder, I could hear it at cruising speed. I've hear it for last few weeks but always passed it off as new weights.

Got to hotel, also noticed my exhaust was much louder. Great. It wasn't a stud this time but graphite gasket, "no big deal".

Clicking sound turns out that the (pardon if I don't call things the correct things, its late) the bearing in the rear wheel/shaft/swing arm/assembly had seized/spun, completely toast. Walked to tire/repair shop, got number for local parts place, turned out try had. 47x17x14 bearing, got another rider to go get it (thanks 4n6iscool) - not out of the woods, what was left of the old bearing seized to the aluminum plate that goes over the wheel/exhaust mount, tire place tells me there is a guy named "Vizzer" across town and to goto his house, ride on back of maroys MP3, to Visser, find him, he is drinking in his yard, but offers to help, go into his shop, he is drunk, but continues to weld a ring inside what's left of the bearing, cools/shrinks, pound it out, wild having to hold a chisel while some drunk Canadian hammers at it, don't miss. Great. Visser gets that fixed, no charge, back to hotel. Maroy and I work forever to get the inside bearing race thats stuck/seized off the rear wheel shaft, eventually get it. Next, carefully work the new bearing into place with a contraption we rigged out of tire irons (sic/sp) and champs, eventually get it. More reassembly. Jess and local scooter rider and I work in to the night to get the exhaust remounted to fix issues with the graphite gasket, but get it done. Still sounds throaty but I am riding it. All done.

I can't believe I am riding tomorrow, thought for sure I would be stuck here I'm grand forks, British Columbia for awhile. Brian was a huge help as well, thank you! Jess, Rich and Maroy thank you for scooter surgery.

Long day of riding tomorrow. I think I am in second place, really pushed it today for me, will take it easy tomorrow.

Good night.

Day 1 - Vancouver to Grand Forks, BC Photos


Roy said...

Nicely done, Dave!
Hope you get a bit of a rest and things will be OK for you tomorrow.

Patrick said...

Sir, that is an excellent story. Sir you should have asked the drunk Canadian his opinions on health care there. Glad you are up and running again!